Collect Banana Doubloons and earn some rewards with

DK's Treasure Hunt

This is our rewards program exclusive to MPW members who purchase our Luxury Lamp(premium) membership option. Throughout the year, members are rewarded points known as Banana Doubloons for their contributions, hard work, & dedication. This can vary from posting about Mario Party Wars on social media to attending events to making custom MPW fanwork. As you rack up banana doubloons, you'll eventually level up to the next tier and earn a reward.

Provided below are the various ways that you can earn Banana Doubloons and what prizes can be redeemed with them. Before moving on though, please be sure to read the following rules and regulations on DK's Treasure Hunt: 


Rules and Regulations

  1. DK's Treasure Hunt is a privilege given to all registered MPW members. Failure to abide by our rules and regulations may result in losing said privilege.

  2. All Banana Doubloon's accumulated are based on a year by year basis. They do not carry over to the following year.

You can review your Golden Doubloons Below!

Banana Tier

Give a Little: We encourage members to support MPW by always giving back. For every dollar donated, you will receive 1 Gold Doubloon. If donating any physical objects such as prizes, giftcards, and other similar things, the value of Gold Doubloons will be determined by the executive officers.

Tweet!! Tweet!! Tweet!!: Tweet and tag us on twitter(attending events, geeker/gamer things) and earn a Gold Doubloon.

Hashtag Bonanza: Are you attending an MPW Event? Want to tell us you’re having fun or bringing something? Post about it on social media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) using our hashtags(Mario Party Wars, Yoshi’s Safari, Goomba Game Nights, Toad’s Takeout, Bowser’s Meal Ticket, etc) to earn 2 Gold Doubloons.

You've Been Invited: Invite your friends to our Facebook events for great times. For every person you invite, you earn 1 Gold Doubloon.

Food Adventures: Experiencing culture is part of what we do at MPW and food is a great way to show that. Attend any Toad's Takeout event to earn 3 Gold Doubloons.

I Am Mario Party Wars: We love seeing our members representing Mario Party Wars. Bring your badge during any of our events to earn 3 Gold Doubloons.

Super Banana Tier

Spread the Love: Helping us out on Facebook will ensure us plenty of success and more opportunities to come. Share our Facebook page to earn 3 Gold Doubloons.

The Mona-Mario Party Wars: Love taking pictures? Well so do we!! Post your Mario Party Wars photos(events, MPW merch, etc) and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to earn 5 Gold Doubloons.

Let's Have Fun!!: Having fun is what it’s all about at MPW. Attend any MPW events(not including matches or larger scale events) to earn 7 Gold Doubloons.

Golden Banana Tier

Let the War Begin!!: Attend any Mario Party Wars match for 10 Golden Doubloons.

  • You must sign-in in order to redeem them. No Exceptions!!!


It's Time to Mario Party: Every now and then, we host some larger scale events(for example: our Game Night events) throughout the year. Attend these events and you'll earn 25 Gold Doubloons. An additional 7 Gold Doubloons can be earned if you volunteer or provide any necessities relating to the events.

  • Note: You must sign in at each event to have this verified and counted.

Shiny Banana Tier

MPW It Up!!!: Create your own MPW fan art to earn Gold Doubloons. The amount of doubloons earned will be determined the executive team.

Mini-Game Adventures: We don't just get involved or have fun with our own events. There's plenty of Non-MPW events out there. Attend any nerd/geek/gaming related event that we will be at and earn Gold Doubloons:

  • In order to get Gold Doubloons in this area, an officer or staff member must be present at the event and have it verified with the executive board. No Exceptions!!!

  • Gold Bananas will be distributed based on the following:

    • Local Events: 10 Gold Doubloons

    • Nearby State Events: 40 Gold Doubloons

    • Out of State Events: 75 Gold Doubloons


Want to earn some extra doubloons? Try out these challenges:

Note: Each challenge can only be claimed once unless stated otherwise.

Be on the lookout for when new challenges are added in.

What can you earn?

By earning doubloons, you'll climb up and work your way to our Green Shell, Red Shell, & Blue Shell Tier status. When you reach a tier, you'll be rewarded with a prize. As you work your way up to our higher tiers, the prizes will get better so give it all you got:

  • Green Shell(300 doubloons): Green Shell Sticker & 3 free tickets to our Chance Time Raffle(available during our finals in July)

  • Red Shell(600 doubloons): Red Shell Sticker & $20

  • Blue Shell(1000 doubloons): Blue Shell Sticker & a $50 gift card(a list will be provided for you to choose from).


Along with this, a special grand prize will be awarded to the one who earns the highest amount of doubloons at the end of the year. The prize is a mystery but we can state that it's over a $100 value.