Keep track of your Score with the

Star Point System

In order to balance and track your score, Mario Party Wars has made a one-of-a-kind scoring system to ensure that even the most novice of players have equal chance than that of a experience player. 

Please review all information about the Star Point System & Item Shop to help you succeed in the tournament.

How do you Keep Track of your Scores in the Tournament?

Mario Party Wars works under a Star Point & Coin System:

Star Points: 

Star Points will be awarded with the rank you earned in each Mario Party game using the following table.

     1st Place = 4 Star Points

     2nd Place = 3 Star Points

     3rd Place = 2 Star Points

     4th Place = 1 Star Point 


Coins are earned at the end of each match and act as a secondary factor in determining rankings. For example, you collected 72 coins at the end of your match. Those 72 coins will be added to your score sheet.


Mario Party 9 & 10: 

Players who play Mario Party 9 & 10 will play in game sets of 3. We will then tally up the performance from each player to determine final results of the match. Coins will be collected from then amount of Mini Stars earned for each game and divided by 2. 

Mario Party: Star Rush

Players in Star Rush will play 2 sessions of Toad Scramble where they will be measured through the SP point system. Then all players will play through a session of Balloon Bash where their ranking will be with 1.5x Multiplier (1st=6pts, 2nd=4.5, 3rd=3, 4th=1.5) and coins will be transferred over to the Score Card. 

Super Mario Party:

Super Mario Party will be split in 2 different session. The first session is in the Mariothon Mode where players play through Toad, Toadette, Kamek, and Custom Cups (Custom Cup 5 out of the 10 mini-games are randomized). Winner of all 4 Mariothon Cups will receive the 1.5x Multiplier of the SP point system. Second Session is a 10-Turn Board Game. 

In order to verify scores for each match, pictures will be taken by an officer or staff member.

Use the Item Shop to your Advantage

In addition to your performance in each match, every competitor will have access to our unique tournament Item Shop. Just like in the games, our Item Shop was inspired for players to use special items to help them take advantage of the competition. By earning coins during matches, you can redeem them to purchase an item.

***Note: In order to make any purchases for our item shop, please be sure you have registered and paid off your dues.

Take the advantage of Mario Party Wars Tournament with the

Item Shop

In true Mario Party fashion, Mario Party Wars has made an Item Shop full of stuff to mildly get the leg up in the Score Card to completely change the game!

Rules for Using the Item Shop

1.     Items can be purchased any time BEFORE OR AFTER a match. If purchased after a MPW match, it will not go into effect until the next match.

2.     ALL Item effects will be active the moment a Mario Party Wars Match begins and distribution will be held after matches are over.

3.     Only 1 item can be purchased per match(only 10 items can be bought). Refer to the Item list and Special Regulations for more information.

4.     All items are available as soon the tournament begins. 

5.     No monetary money (dollars) can be converted into coins/items. 

6.     No “gift” items (meaning purchasing an item from another player).

7.     All Items are time-sensitive. It will be in the order of the item purchased, and activated as such. (First come, First serve basis)

Holding Items

You can now hold up to 2 Items during the tournament

  • You can hold them and activated at any round. 

  • All Items held will be listed in the Score Card for all players. 

Support Items

Super Mushroom - 150 Coins - 2x Multiplier on Coins


Star - 175 coins - 1 SP added to the player

Grab Bag - 150 Coins - At random, a player will receive a item. Grab Bag effects carries to the following month.

 Grab Bag cannot  receive the same item.

Golden Mushroom - 150 Coins - 2.5x Multiplier on Coins


Super Star - 300 coins - Roll a dice, if number is correctly rolled then 3 SP added, if not 2 SP are added. 

These items are to help out with your coins or stars in your score card. 

Offensive Items

Poison Mushroom - 50 Coins – Stop 1 person from purchasing an Item for one match.  

Cursed Mushroom – 125 Coins – Stops up to 3 people from purchasing an item for one match 


Duel Glove - 100 Coins - Duel any player under all requirements


King Boo Orb - 300 Coins - flip a coin, if called right steal up to 3 SP (3 flips are done) up to 3 people. 


Bowser Shell - 250 Coins - Randomly attacks 4 players and causes Bowser Revolution between the 4 players.


Kameks Magic – 500 Coins – Randomize on all active Items from ALL players who are present. 

E. Gadd Vacuum - 150 Coins - Steal 1 Item from any player at random. 

Items can be directed to another player. 

Mario Party Wars Dueling System

In order to activate a Duel a Duel Glove is required. 


Any member can challenge anyone in MPW that is registered and on 12th place and above. 


The challengers cannot back out of a duel, they are locked to undergo the duel before the next MPW meeting and must be done before MPW matches begin otherwise the missing person LOSES BY DEFAULT. 


The game to be decided, each challenger is allowed to select 2 games (total of 4) and will be randomized using the It must be any game with a multiplayer where both players can play. 


The SP and Coins will also be wagered randomly in true Mario Party fashion with the following preset wagers: (also using

·       500 Coins

·       Half of collected coinsof the Coins from the Score Card

·       All of the Coins from the Score Cardof collected coins

·       1 SP

·       2 SP

·       3 SP

·       Chance Time 

The duel must be conducted in the best of 3 rounds. The challengers must bring their own equipment in order to conduct the duel unless an executive officer has the majority of the equipment where it can be supplied. If the game cannot be supplied would be considered forfeit for the challenger who suggested the game. 


If one of the challengers feels uncomfortable with the game and does not wish to participate either he or she can forfeit the duel or bring out a champion to play in his or her place. IF a champion is used to play for the duel & WINS then the winnings must be split between the champion and the challenger. NO ONE CAN VOLUNTEER TO BE THE CHALLENGER’S HIS OR HER CHAMPION. IT IS DECIDED BY THE CHALLENGER ONLY.

**Updated as February 2019

  • Executive Officers cannot participate as the Champion for a duel. The Champion must be an active MPW tournament member.

  • If a challenger chooses to select a champion, the challenger has 10 minutes to select a champion. The champion in question can accept or decline.

  • An executive office will proctor and communicate the games to both parties of the duel a week prior to the next MPW match. The executive officer has the power to determine how a game will be played for the duel and communicate it over. Challengers can express if there there is a specific implementation but the executive officer must approve it first.

  • Duels must be conducted before the next available MPW matches during the Free Play time slot. Challengers must give themselves 30 min for the duel. If this cannot be accomplished it is consider a loss by default by the challenger.

  • In a event there is tie/draw in a duel, the duel ends and no one is awarded. 

  • Qualifications for a Champion:

    • Active Mario Party Wars Tournament Player​

    • Must have participated in at least ONE Mario Party Wars match. 

Defensive Items 

Mirror Shell - 200 Coins – Redirect any incoming item to another player (It can be redirected back to the caster) you choose. 


Protective Shell: 150 Coins – Block any incoming item. 

Pianta's Scream: 150 Coins - All Items are disabled for the match. 

Silent Bell: 225 Coins - The moment Silent Bell activated any item effects afterwards are nullified. 

Items that can prevent the effects of other items to the player. 

Special Item Regulations

·       Another Grab Bag cannot be purchased while the current Grab Bag is in effect. The second item received cannot be the same item as the first item earned.

·       Bowser Shell, Grab Bag, & Poison Mushroom can only purchase up to 3 times.

·       King Boo Orb, Super Star, & Cursed Mushroom only be purchase 2 times

·       King Boo Orb - Can only target the person twice, the third attempt needs to be a different player. 

·       Kamek Magic – Can only be used once & can be active once a month. 

·       Duel Glove - Can only be multi-targeted twice to a single player.

Chance Time:

ONLY through Duel Glove Item can a Chance Time be activated. All previous preceding actions for the duel will be dropped and ALL MPW PLAYERS WITH A 15TH PLACE AND ABOVE AND PRESENT CAN PARTICIPATE CHANCE TIME. NO ACCOMMODATION WILL BE IF ANYONE IS YET TO RETURN LEFT PRIOR. Using, two players will be randomly chosen in true Mario Party fashion and any of the following events can happen. 

·       1000 coins to the other player (an arrow indicating to which player)

·       Half of coins to other player (an arrow indicating to which player)

·       Bowser Revolution between both players

·       2 SP to the other player (an arrow indicating to which player)

·       4 SP to the other player (an arrow indicating to which player)


·       Bowser Revolution on both SP and Coins between both players