Mario Party Wars Programs

Want to play something other than Mario Party? The come join us and get involved with our various activities and programs.

One of our main goals focuses on community. We encourage involvement and showcasing the amazing things that MPW has to offer. Whether it's about promoting gaming/geek culture or just having fun, MPW makes sure to provide the best experience possible for its members.


Goomba Game Nights

Goomba Game Nights is our weekly gaming socials dedicated to promoting involvement through games.

Whether it's about video games or about tabletop games, Goomba Game Nights are fun, entertaining, and a great way to meet the MPW community.

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Yoshi's Safari

Yoshi's Safari focuses on involvement and experience through outdoor and non-gaming related activities.

There's more ways to having fun than just games and what more could you ask for while playing mini-golf, going camping, having a picnic, and much more.

Toad's Takeout

Toad’s Takeout is our community program dedicated to educating about culture through food. Food comes from all over the world and in many different forms. It is an experience that is highly encouraged at Mario Party Wars.

After each event, we head on over to a restaurant to dine-out and relax. Each trip is never the same and our selections range from sushi restaurants to cafe's to burger joints and everything else in between.


Streaming with Mario Party Wars

Here at Mario Party Wars we are here to share experiences. So we stream and record much of our content and we have it on our Twitch and YouTube channels. To get a taste of what MPW is all about. 

In addition, Bad Luck Yelthin does Blind Let's Play's of some of his favorite games. Check out his content to see what game is playing next.