Mario Party Wars

Refund Policy

Mario Party Wars reserves the right to investigate and determine to accept any return to any of its members.

Membership Refunds

If you wish to retire from Mario Party Wars, you can be eligible for a refund:

  • 100% Refund within 30 Days of your registration for Mario Party Wars

  • 50% Refund within 90 Days of your registration for Mario Party Wars​

If at any time you wish to come back to Mario Party Wars, you must re-register. You are however still allowed to attend the MPW Tournament with the use of a Dry Shell Pass. All other MPW related events are subjected to full price charges. 

All MPW Promotions and DK Social Bonus will be null and void unless you re-register and reinstate your membership. The only thing that is retained for you is your tournament score. 

Late Fees

If you are registering to the Mario Party Wars between January & February (Round 6 & 7) there will be a late fee added in with your registration fee.


  •  A $10 late fee added in with your registration fee. 

All current progress from previous attendances will be transferred to the main tournament Score Card.