Everything You Need to Know About Mario Party Wars

Rules and Regulations

Do you have a question about our tournament? Need to know what our guidelines are? This page provide you with everything you need to know about our rules, bylaws, and the tournament.

Still need to ask something? Then send us a message and we will gladly help on the matter.

General Rules

1. All members and participants need to be of a minimum age of 18. 

2. Treat all equipment with care. Any reckless behavior that result in damaged or destroyed equipment will result in partial or full charges of said equipment.

3. We take discrimination seriously and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Anyone found to be discriminating will be suspended from the organization and will be reported to the proper authorities for further action.

4. Be respectful of those around you. Reckless behavior will not be tolerated and will result in the following actions:

     a. First Offense: A warning will be issued

     b. Second Offense: Suspension for one month from Mario Party Wars.

     c. Third Offense: A complete removal of the individual from the organization.

5. Harassment of any kind(sexual, verbal, physical, bullying) will not be tolerated.

6. Stealing will NOT be tolerated under any circumstance.

7. But most importantly, we want everyone to have fun & to enjoy themselves!!!!

Mario Party Wars Tournament Setup

The most amazing thing about us is our unique and one of a kind Mario Party tournament. Provided are the rules and regulations for everything regarding the tournament:

  1. In order to enter the tournament, each member MUST pay their Tournament Fee. Any competitor who has not done so will have their points forfeited and be unable to qualify for the semi-finals.

  2. There are 10 Regular Matches within the MPW season. Each Round has the default setup: 

    • Randomly chosen to your Mario Party game.

    • 35 Turns​​

    • Bonus Stars ON 

    • Board is chosen among players. 

  3. Star Points (SP) and Coins are used to determine your rank. Star Points are the primary points while your coins act as the secondary factor. Find out more below on how our ranking system works and on our item shop.

  4. The semifinal round goes as follows:

    • Top 9 Players from the regular matches advance to the Semifinal Round. 

    • 3 15-20 Turn Mario Party Matches are done. 

    • 3 Officers Play in the matches to replace the computers and act as competitors again each finalists. (12 Players total)

    • Everyone will play the SAME Mario Party & Board to avoid any unfairness between game and board.

    • All stats and ranking of all matches will be weighted the same. 

    • Everyone will be competing at the same time. 

    • Top 4 advance to the Mario Party Wars Finale while 5th-8th will compete in the Bronze Match.

  5. The Top 4 will go through a 50 Turn Mario Party match decided by the Executive Officers Mario Party game of choice. The winner of the match will be crowned that years Superstar.

What you need to play?

In Mario Party Wars, we play games across 4 Generations of Nintendo hardware. Mario Party Wars has accommodated for everyone to play freely across all the generations. 

However, we do ask everyone to bring any of the supported controllers with them. 


Nintendo 64

This controller is required for the following titles: 

  • Mario Party 

  • Mario Party 2

  • Mario Party 3


Nintendo GameCube

This controller is required for the following titles:

  • Mario Party 4

  • Mario Party 5

  • Mario Party 6

  • Mario Party 7


Nintendo Wii Remote

This controller is required for the following titles: 

  • Mario Party 8

  • Mario Party 9

  • Mario Party 10


Nintendo DS/3DS

This controller is required for the following titles: 

  • Mario Party DS

  • Mario Party Star Rush**

**A Nintendo 3DS is required to play Mario Party Star rush since it cannot be played on a Nintendo DS

Special Round Events

 During the Tournament, we like to have a little bit of fun and spice things up. On certain rounds there will be a specific ruleset we implement to change up the dynamic of the game. 

Raw Power:

During Raw Power, Bonus Stars will be turned OFF for the round. 

In this Round the following games will be banned: 

  • Mario Party 9

  • Mario Party 10

  • Mario Party Star Rush

  • Super Mario Party

In addition, these boards cannot be used during Raw Power: ​

  • Snowflake Lake - Mario Party 6

  • Pyramid Park - Mario Party 7

  • Windmillville - Mario Party 7

  • Koopa's Tycoon Town - Mario Party 8

  • Bowser's Warped Orbit - Mario Party 8

Bowser's Playtime:

In Bowser's Playtime all players will be playing the Bowser Board of the chosen game. For Mario Party 9 & 10​, players must choose the Bowser Board as the last board of the set. 

During Bowser's Playtime the following games will be banned: 

  • Mario Party 3

  • Mario Party 6

  • Super Mario Party

Warp Pipe Shuffle: 

This event makes all players split into 4 teams: Team Mario, Team Luigi, Teach Peach and Team Yoshi. Each game will have a representative  of the 4 teams.

Once the game begins, players will play 5 Turns of the game and once all games have played 5 turns, everyone will rotate between all games being played. During a 35 Turn game there will consist of 7 Rotations. After each game is completed, Rank and Coins are determined as a team. 

During Warp Pipe Shuffle the following games will be banned: 

  • Mario Party 9

  • Mario Party 10

  • Mario Party DS

  • Mario Party Star Rush

  • Super Mario Party


Equipment Fee

Included in all Membership Tiers

Mario Party Wars understands not everyone has all or only some of the supported equipment. Therefore equipment is included in our membership fees. You can utilize our controllers for the duration of the Mario Party Wars tournament and other events.

Equipment charges can be waived if you can supply an Nintendo 64 controller, Nintendo GameCube controller and a Wii Remote and bring it with you every match. $10 will be discounted off your membership fee for the controllers.

If those whose equipment has been waived fail to bring their controllers, there will be a $1 charge per match. 

Have any questions? Speak with an officer for more details.